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used things:
  • car windshield shader (XL)
  • petticoat (reinforce the material, couse without it it's easily break away)
  • velcro 5cm
  • thick thread
  • rubber for the ears (from the shader), it is to keep the inner white flag material in place.
  • tent pole (from a cheap tent, i bought it about $10)
  • flag material (white)
  • velcro 2cm
  • ear hook textil (about 2cm wide), 20cm (to keep the tent pool place)
  • I used an original bowens adapter to fit the tent poles and the softbox. But I thinking on a cheaper way, to replace it stg....
  • First U cut the 2 diffrent pieces follow the patterns (2 of each).
  • Put petticoat to shader, where U need to sew it.
  • Put the rubber for the ears, to 19cm from the front of the box, the pool ear is 49cm. (Use petticoat to keep it place.)
  • Sew the peaces together.
  • Sew the 5cm velcro to the front of the softbox (inside). (You need, to place petticoat to the oder side befor sewing.)
  • Cut about 8cm lenght pices, fold it half. Sew it to the corner of the softbox, one side inside, the oter side outside, this will keep the tent poole on place.
  • Cut the tent poole. You need 4, each about 80cm length. (keep the rubber inside)
  • Measure the front side of the softbox. Cut the flag material to this (square) size + the fold black place, + 2cm velcro each side.
  • Sew the flag material, with the velcro.
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